Monday, August 16, 2010

Harry Houdini Does Rebecca Farm

The omnibus said this was not a 'move up' course, and boy were they right! Both the xc and stadium at this year's RF were formidable - many of the traditional leaders in various divisions were found out.

Thursday's dressage didn't go exactly according to plan when a big draft-x literally ran into Harry and Sara as they were about to head down centerline. Harry's test was a bit tense and the pair were tied for 6th at the end of the day. Still, Harry's "thing" has always been xc and the daunting course was no challenge as he handily answered every question with strength and style, moving up 3 places and standing alone in 3rd after day 2.

An unlucky rail in stadium dropped the pair to eventual 4th, but Sara was thrilled with his performance - particularly with how he immediately turned on the jets when she asked him to run after 4:30 minutes of grueling xc. Harry flew up the hill to the fort (2nd to last question) then down to the 3'9" brush jump. GO HARRY!

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